In May 2013, building on five great years of achievements, Left Right Think-Tank established its new Purpose: “to Transform Australia through the Ideas of Young People!”

Today, we announce a dramatic step towards living that Purpose.

In a few months' time Left Right will launch an innovative new Program that will inspire and motivate young people all over the country!

Participants will learn from great Australians (young & old), via a series of interactive talks, about the power of ideas and how transformational change can happen.

Then young people will collaborate, or work on their own, and develop their idea that could transform Australia. It could be presented as a policy paper, an essay, a photo, song, poem, sculpture or in any other way an idea can be expressed.

Left Right will publish every idea and also have a panel of Eminent Australians choose the top ideas that will be the subject of a major national campaign advocating for those ideas and their power to transform Australia.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for great Australians to pass on their stories to the next generation, and for young people to develop and publish their ideas on the national stage.

If you have transformed Australia through your idea, or are connected to someone who has, we would love to hear from you as we finalise our list of speakers for our 2014 Program.

We are very excited about this Program and our role in “Transforming Australia through the Ideas of Young People!” and we hope that you'll continue to support Left Right as we charge ahead.